Thursday, September 06, 2012

:: Conspiring With The Universe

As the month of September makes its way in we shift into the times of preparation for the last quarter of the calendar. In this 9th month we celebrate the Equinox, and there are so many beutiful ways of honoring this magical time. As a woman who walks the Wiccan path, I enjoy finding activities of a spiritual and, of course, ceremonial nature. Having found another inspiring article by a great pagan author who shares an interesting way of spending this time of renewal and transformation...I share it with you in case you too are looking for another way of cleansing the old and preparing to renew .. to be you! "We have but three months until the Winter Solstice of 2012, the date of a significant sshift in consciousness for the Earth and its inhabitants. One way to prepare yourself for this heightening of spiritual awareness is to perfom a cleansing. We must banish the old to make way for the new. A highly successul way to sacrifice one;s inner torments and hindrances is to construct a poppet. As a type of sympathetic magick, poppets are dolls that either represent a person or are effigies of a certain energetic force. The most common example of a poppet is a Voodoo doll. While common thought may have us believe that poppets are exclusively used for harm, these magickal representations can be utilized in an occult or spiritual sense for any intention under the sun. I have constructed poppets for healing, for mending conflict, and for attractin abundance, and even worry dolls to help ease the mind. The coven I velong to, Opus Aima Obscurae, practices "banishing poppet" magick every year. We begin construction of these dolls in the Autumnal Equinox and conclude on Samhain. As the season is shifting into its death cycle you may choose to harness its energy accordingly. The dolls are most powerful when you sew and construct them entirely on your own. I like to keep old t-shirts in a bag in the coven temple room, which can later be cut apart and stitched together for the purpose of sachets, poppets, or charms. (before stitching, be sure wash the shirts with salt and apple cider vinegar to remove accumulated energies.) Once two equal sized "humans: have been snipped from a black shirt (black is generally used for banishing), hand stitch them together while repeating a chant to the doll, such as "you are my anger, you are woe, into your figure my darkness I sew", or a similar modification depending on your intentions. Once sewn, the head is left entirley open so you may stuff the doll with one's acute anishing representations. The most obvious things to put in these poppets are dead leaves, to directly attune it to Autumn and the Dying Tide. I prefer to stuff the little arms and legs with these. The body of the poppet can contain anything that represents what you want to banish. You must also include clippings form your hair and fingernails, as well as a drop of blood, which will successfully bind the doll to you. Beyond tese basics, here are a sample items you might want to place in the poppet's body: herbs used for banishing, mathces (for the sulfur to exorcise evil), snakeskin (for shedding the past), dead bugs and fragments of animal bones (death energy), dust from a windowsill or corner of the house, dried-up fallen plant deitrus (to gather up old energies), photographs of people whose influence you wish to banish (to provide a link), deer ticks (to represent energy leeches, astral or otherwise), a penny (for feeling broke or brassic), and pages of wymbols and sigils. You may choose to burn the poppets on a Mabon fire, though my group uses a Samhain fire, having begun the poppet construcion at the equinox. Solitary practitioners may choose to create a single banishing poppet, as mentioned above. However, you may also create several poppets for different issues or ailments. if working with a group, each member may create individual banishing poppets to be burned in a common Samhain fire, but you may opt to create one enormous Burning-Man- style group poppet to rid the group ifself of unwanted vibrations-be it conflict among members, poverty, misdirection, suspected curses, or anything else. Because autumnal banishing poppets are rooted in creativity and a deep desire to purge oneself of the unwanted, practioners should feel free to experiment, be artistic, and take to the sky-or, to the flame, as it were. Divinate in those burning embers (pyromancy), mind the fire, and smile as that which you banish is licked and transformed by the Sacred Flame! --Raven Digitalis

Friday, February 18, 2011

:: Planting Spell

PLANTING SPELL| Grow what you Love in your Life

Though Spring is not yet here it is time to begin planning that vegetable or cutting garden. Time to prune back the dead limbs and make way for the fresh boughs of is a good time to make manifest that which you need in your life and have been without for whatever reason it is time to give yourself permission to accept nature's bounty and prepare for it as a lover prepares a wedding bed. Now is the time of fertility and richness.

What you need:
  • A small pot or plot
  • A sunny, sheltered place like a kitchen window or outside a greenhouse or porch
  • Organic Dirt
  • Magic Plantable Spell Paper or Organic Seeds and a scroll
  • Writing implement

You can use the MarvelousPLANTABLE PAPER, from above for this does come in many different colors giving you vibrational support for your spell and turning over the plant to the faery realm afterall...but you don't need that to Grow your True Desire...some choice seeds and a plain sheet of paper will do for this purpose. Check out our selection of MEDICINAL AND MAGICKAL SEEDS. The kind of seed you plant can help when it comes to creating your spell, as does the moonphase when planting. Right now the moon is waxing towards full...a perfect time to plant root crops...and also the kind of spell we are looking to take root and manifest....

Planting by the Moon

At the new moon, the lunar gravity pulls water up, and causes the seeds to swell and burst. This factor, coupled with the increasing moonlight creates balanced root and leaf growth. This is the best time for planting above ground annual crops that produce their seeds outside the fruit. Examples are lettuce, spinach, celery, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and grain crops. Cucumbers like this phase also, even though they are an exception to that rule. Plant a golden giant, Amaranth, Golden Grain to sustain your spell. New moon energy brings calmness. Next new moons for planting are March 4, April 3, May 3.

In the second quarter the gravitational pull is less, but the moonlight is strong, creating strong leaf growth. It is generally a good time for planting, especially two days before the full moon. The types of crops that prefer the second quarter are annuals that produce above ground, but their seeds form inside the fruit, such as beans, melons, peas, peppers, squash, and tomatoes. Mow lawns in the first or second quarter to increase growth. Plant a sweetpea for your sweetie. Let you love flow with a long runner of scarlet beans. There is Magick in the Morning Glory...Now is the perfect time to plant when the moonlight is strong and love is in the air.

After the full moon, as the moon wanes, the energy is drawing down. The gravitation pull is high, creating more moisture in the soil, but the moonlight is decreasing, putting energy into the roots. This is a favorable time for planting root crops, including beets, carrots, onions, potatoes, and peanuts. It is also good for perennials, biennials, bulbs and transplanting because of the active root growth. Pruning is best done in the third quarter, in the sign of Scorpio. Now is a great time to lay in those summer-flowering bulbs. Full moon energy brings pwer and heightened emotions. Next full moon to plant are Feb 18, March 19, April 18 & May 17.

In the fourth quarter there is decreased gravitational pull and moonlight, and it is considered a resting period. This is also the best time to cultivate, harvest, transplant and prune. Mow lawns in the third or fourth quarter to retard growth.

Write now your hearts desire...that which will fulfill, love, meaningful work...that which calls to you to bring forth into manifestation. Know that spirit is working with you, with every fiber of your being to say YES to the path that you have chosen. Know now that mother/father god in you, as you, is you and the very power that fuels the stars beats your heart. Give thanks for this knowing and take your paper and declare your truth. So Mote it Be.

Now, if you have written your spell on plantable paper, tear off that piece and insert sideways into the dirt. You can also tear it into small squares and plant it 1/4 inches apart in a circle. If you are planting seeds do so now. Plant them according to their instructions and then burn the paper where your spell is and cast the ashes upon the dirt.

Now pick up your watering can and say:

Water me, love me, let me be,
From a tiny seed grows a mighty tree,
take root in my heart, take care of my soul,
water me, love me, let me grow.

And as your seed takes root and sends up it's first shoot of promise know that your hearts desire is now has only now to break through the darkness of soil and into the light of being. Be sure and say your little spell as you water your plant and remember the spell is working. (Sacred Mists Shoppe)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

:: Oil to Attract Jupiter’s Blessing

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, prosperity, and abundance, rules over Thursday. On this day, blend a container of oil that helps to draw Jupiter’s blessings. This oil can be worn on the skin, rubbed on candles and petition parchments, poured into prosperity baths with other ingredients, and utilized for spells requiring improved finances and an abundance of good luck.

Wash and sterilize one small jar.
Pour some cold-pressed carrier oil such as almond or jojoba into the jar.
Add a few drops of peppermint, spearmint, and cinnamon essential oils, as well as the oil of cinquefoil and High John the Conqueror to the carrier oil.
Note, the volume of the carrier oil must be more than the essential oils.
Mix thoroughly and let stand in a dark cupboard for two weeks before decanting into small dark-colored bottles with droppers. This oil may also be given to people who are in need.

Friday, August 22, 2008

:: A Harvest Ritual

Mabon is the festival of the second harvest of the year, just in time for the transition of long days and short nights to lesser daylight and longer nights.

Here's a ritual for harvest to get into the seasonal mood and get started with the preparation for a wonderful Mabon celebration and ritual. Blessed be!

For more details about this sabbat visit

Harvest Ritual

Before Mabon gather in the last of your garden herbs, tie them in bunches and hang them up to dry.
Create an abundance centerpiece for your table with the fruits of the season, such as small pumpkins, gourds, cranberries, and Indian corn. Decorate your altar with cornhusks, acorns, pears, and apples.
Collect candles of yellow for health, orange for sharing the harvest and purple for spiritual awareness.
Hang a braid of garlic in your kitchen for winter-long protection, and tuck rose thorns in crack near windows and doors to keep out intruders.
Make a simple grapevine wreath, entwine it with bittersweet stems and hang it on your door. As you weave the bittersweet into the vine circle, focus your intention upon the aspects of your life where you desire to keep balance.
Fashion a simple broom from trimmed birch branches or fresh pine. On a clear breezy day, open windows and hang out rugs and blankets. Make a clean sweep of the house with your Witch's broom. Gather fresh air into your space Burn sage smudge sticks or bunches in corners and hallways to clear out stagnant forces and rededicate your home to peace.
Simmer a small pot of water with 3 cinnamon sticks and 9 whole cloves to invite abundance and good health. To encourage love and longevity, add chopped fresh rosemary to biscuits and breads, pizza, stews and roasted dinners.
Plan for a time of study, and begin looking through new books to ignite your interest in the longer evenings ahead. Buy a new dream journal to encourage winter dreaming.
Most importantly, take time to be outdoors during the last golden rays of the Sun. Walk through falling leaves and observe the animals in your neighborhood, readying their nests for winter. Listen to the Goddess and God with your body and soul, and offer thanks.


Mabon Ritual

In addition to your magickal tools you will need:

* A Red Altar Cloth
* A Wicker Basket
* A Red Apple
* Assorted Fruits and Vegetables of the Second Harvest (Berries, Squash, Corn, etc)
* A Bell
* A Fallen Tree Branch
* A Bolline
* A Sprig or Two of Ivy
* An Autumn Blend Incense
* Any other Personal items of choice

Sweep area, moving in a deosil (clockwise) manner. Outline your Circle with a red cord, low vibration stones, or various Harvest items such as wheat, corn, beans, etc. Set up your alter and place the red alter cloth over it. At center top, place the wicker basket, filled with the assorted fruit and vegetables. Place the apple and the bolline on your Pentacle or a plate. Place the tree branch to the right of the basket. Place the rest of your tools and props according to your personal preference. Take a shower or bath for purity. Sit quietly and meditate to ground and center. When you are ready, begin by playing some soothing music associated with the Sabbat and your ritual.

Cast the Circle and call Quarters.....Pick up your Wand in your right hand, face your alter, and with arms stretched out above your head, say:

"I honor Thee, Autumn Queen, and Thy consort, the God of the Harvest.
The Wheel has once more turned, and the change of season begins.
What will be is. What was will be.
The Equinox is upon us, and the time to reflect, at hand.
All time comes together, here and now in this sacred space.
And I, but a moment in time, feel the change as I pass From one season to the next.
The Second Harvest has been reaped, and the time of rest is deserved.
Go now My Mother and slumber.
Go now My Father and dream of re-birth.
I shall be here to greet Thee on Your return."

With arms still out-stretched lower your head and close your eyes. Contemplate what you have just spoken. When ready, open your eyes and lower your arms. Pick up the apple and place it in the center of the Pentacle/plate. Cut it crosswise with the Bolline, to reveal the natural pentagram at it's core. Then lift half the apple, pentagram up, as if in offering, while saying:

"As the Wheel turns, the seasons pass, and the years give 'way To the next,
Guide me most Wise Ones,
Lest I forget
Every beginning has an ending
And every ending is a new beginning."

Take a bite of the apple. Put the rest aside to share later with the wildlife. Pick up the tree branch and shake once at each direction, starting with North, saying:

"As the days grow colder, and the nights last longer,
May I remember the summer past.
With sunlight fading, and hearth inviting,
My memories will warm my soul.
From a season of hard work and hard play,
I hear Mother's voice calling me forward.
While I rest, shall She lull me, with songs of a dream,
As close to Her bosom I cling."

Face the alter and hold the branch out in front of you with both hands, saying:

"With memories of the summer, least I never forget,
And aspirings for the colder months to come,
Least I never stop striving,
I honor Thee with this symbol of Nature,
Keeping it and Thee in my home and heart,
That I may see it and pause,
To reflect on the Ancient Mysteries,
Leading me to a better understanding of myself,
And of others, and all that is Life."

Put the tree branch on the alter, into the basket of fruit so that it sticks out, back in your direction. Contemplate on the various memory symbols that you have attached to it. Also contemplate on the various projects for autumn and winter that you have attached to it. Close your eyes and feel the seasons pass within the circle from summer to autumn. When ready, say:

"Between the worlds I stand in this sacred place.
All time is here and now.
As I leave this circle, the season shall have changed,
And I will have changed with it.
May I use the short time of Winter Finding
To draw the strength and power from within
As I quest for vision, understanding, and peace."

Pick up the sprig(s) of ivy, and wrap around your arms, from the elbow to the wrist. Pick up the Bell with your right hand, and ring thrice, to toll the passing of the first 3 seasons of the year. Now place it in your left hand and ring once to usher in the 4th and last season of the year. Place the bell on the alter and the ivy in your cauldron (for burning later).

"In Life is Death, and in Death is Life.
The Sacred Dance goes on and on
From whence we came, we shall return,
And come again.
Seasons pass, and pass again,
The circle stays unbroken
Heed the words of your child, here,
Through Your wisdom I have spoken."

It is now time for meditation and spellworking. Associated spellworkings would include those for protection, wealth, security, and self-confidence. If there is no spellworking, celebrate with Cakes and Ale, then release the Circle. Clean up. You are done.
Find an appropriate place in your home to display the decorated tree branch.

*Find a fallen tree branch. It need not be a large one, for it will adorn your altar, and also display in your home. The more smaller offshoots from the main branch, the better.
Next, take a couple of pine cones, small shells, dried flowers, or any other item that reminds you of the late spring-summer months. With some string, tie each to the offshoots. Also take yarn or ribbon of yellows, oranges, reds, and gold and tie one end to the offshoots. Then, on very thin strips of (colored) paper, write down some projects to work on during the upcoming ' dark ' months. Wrap these around the offshoots (like little cocoons) and tie closed with silver thread. These you will open over the next couple of months when you start feeling lethargic or without a sense of direction. I tie on a couple of small bells, to add some ambiance to my ritual.

Courtesy of & Llewellyn Worldwide

Friday, February 01, 2008

:: Imbolc Cleansing Curry

A healthy cleansing to get you ready for the seasonal change Imbolc brings.

You Will Need:
- 2 T. olive oil
- 2 T. curry powder
- 1 tsp. whole mustard seeds
- 1 onion, chopped
- 1 can of coconut milk
- 1 cup of water
- 2 medium potatoes, cubed
- 1 sweet potato, cubed
- 2 large carrots, sliced
- 2 cups green beans, sliced
- 1 cup of frozen peas
- 1 can of chickpeas, drained
- 1 tsp. salt
- 1/2 cup chopped cilantro -alternative: parsley- (optional)

What To Do:
Heat oil in a large pot. Add curry powder and mustard seeds. When seeds pop, add the onion and sauté. Add coconut milk and water, then bring to a boil. Simmer until thickened. Add potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, peas, carrots, and chickpeas. Simmer 20 to 30 minutes until vegetables are tender/ Salt to taste. Garnish with cilantro or parsley -if desired.

Put all your vegetables into the curry and let the heat clear your head and the taste clear your palate. Get ready for the coming season of growth!

--by Dallas Jennifer Cobb

For information about Imbolc - The Pagan Festival Of Lights click here...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

:: Altar Renewal for the Holidays

Let Your Altar Renew Your Spirit for the Holidays and Beyond
By: Sandra Kynes

Your altar is more than just a place to put things. Through the ages, the use of altars has been both communal and private. Although home altars seem more prevalent in certain faiths, in recent years their use has become more widespread regardless of one’s spiritual path. While altars and their purpose have evolved over the millennia, they continue to fulfill a fundamental need that transcends spiritual orientation.

There is a certain power to an altar. It is not just a thing that holds a collection of objects; intention and energy transform an altar into a space that is separate from our everyday world. When we use an altar, we step outside the boundaries of our day-to-day lives. When we sit in front of an altar, we place ourselves in the presence of spirit and open ourselves to receive answers to the questions that guide our souls.

As a central part of ritual and worship, an altar is a place of spiritual encounter. It serves as a reminder of our contact with the Divine as well as contact with our souls. Using an altar strikes a familiar chord within us. We may not understand why this occurs, but we can sense a shift of energy away from ordinary awareness. Altars hold objects of inspiration and devotion, personal and sacred, resulting in a space that visibly and energetically links the spiritual and physical worlds and provides clues to our innermost thoughts and feelings. The Greek word gnosis is usually translated as “knowledge;” however it can also be translated as “insight.” According to Elaine Pagals, “[g]nosis involves an intuitive process of knowing oneself.” 1 An altar becomes a tool for gnosis—knowledge that comes from spiritual insight and self illumination.

In the past, the sacred and secular were not so rigidly segregated. This is not the case in today’s world; however, having a place where these aspects of our lives come together can be a means for finding balance. This meeting point of spiritual and mundane energies can provide an orientation or anchor in the world—a place to hold onto and come back to for personal strength and exploration. The things that we place on an altar become symbolic of what is going on in our hearts and minds. Because of the convergent energies, an altar is not a passive space—there is constant interaction.

In addition to providing a place for worship, an altar functions as a tool for exploration and growth. Like a labyrinth, an altar top itself can act as a “blueprint for the psyche to meet the soul.”2 An altar is a place where you lay out your intentions—put your cards on the table, so to speak—to manifest particular energies into your life. In describing how Peruvian shamans interact with their altars, Jim DeKorne said that the altar top functioned like a “game board, a symbolic paradigm against which the ritual is played.”3

This is the premise of my book, Your Altar; using the altar as a game board—for lack of a better term. The phrase “game board” is not meant to be irreverent. It’s a way to convey the concept of a matrix or setup for an altar and a different form of meditation practice. While it is standard practice to use an altar for focus, it can be used as an integral part of the meditation technique. Dividing the altar top into multiple sections and using them to focus a flow of thoughts allows the altar to function as a powerful and symbolic tool not unlike a Buddhist mandala, classical Christian icon or Hindu yantra.

When we create any type of matrix we bring the power of numbers into play. The ancient philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras believed that “the essence of everything seemed to be expressible in numbers.”4 He further developed his theology of numbers and ascribed symbolic meanings to numbers, which formed the basis for the practice of numerology. In many cultures and spiritual traditions, the notion of sacred numbers provides a means for dealing with the great mysteries that confront us on a spiritual level.

When numbers are used symbolically, they can reveal underlying energy, purpose, pattern, and structure. According to Annemarie Schimmel, a number “develops a special character, a mystique of its own, and a special metaphysical meaning.”5 Within an altar matrix, numbers serve as yantras—geometric diagrams for focusing the mind and accessing our numinous souls.

This is especially important during this manic time of year, when consumerism kicks into high gear and we rush frantically like hamsters on our materialistic treadmills bemoaning the fact that we are so busy. This is the perfect time to turn to our altars to reconnect with the meaning of the holiday season as well as with ourselves. However, with so much to do and so much on our minds, it may seem like an impossible task to sit and bring our chattering monkey brains to rest for even a few minutes. This is when using the altar itself as a tool can aid us. As a tool, we use it to guide a flow of thoughts that will allow us to step out of the everyday experience.

For a holiday meditation we use a three-part altar, which means that we divide the altar top into three sections. Since it is the holiday season, you can take a long strand of garland, cut two pieces as wide as your altar and then lay them across the altar top, creating three fairly equal-sized sections that run vertically to where you will sit. This does not have to be a difficult mathematical project where the sections need to be exact down to the millimeter. As long as the sections look fairly equal to you, that’s all that matters.

Three is a number that was significant to the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Celts. It is significant in Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Paganism. Three, a triad, represents a new unity that does not discard the polarity of two but integrates it into a new wholeness. A three-part altar provides variety and complexity. This is a complex time of year when we look at the past as well ahead to the future. The component that is usually missing in these musings is the now—the purpose of this season and how we experience it.

With your altar top divided, it’s time to set the intent. The section on the left represents you. Place things in this section that represent meaningful events and milestones that occurred in the past year that have played a part in who you are at this moment. For the center section think about what the season means to you. Is it a time when you feel most connected with your spirituality and feel a connection with the Divine? A figurine of baby Jesus, an angel, a goddess statue, or the word “Peace” on a slip of paper may be objects that are appropriate for you. In the right section, place a candle, and a picture of the sun or anything that is luminous or represents renewal.

Once you have set up your altar, sit comfortably in front of it and close your eyes for a couple of minutes so you can begin the shift from your everyday outer world to your interior space. Focus on your breathing and let each slow breath start from your belly. Become aware of your contact with the floor—feet or sits bones—and think of your energy reaching down to touch Mother Earth. Feel the solid foundation of the earth and then draw this energy up and into your body. As you continue to draw the energy up to your abdomen, your center, feel the energy lighten into water. Continue to draw this energy up to your chest, to your heart. Feel the spark of fire energy burn with the passion of life. As the energy continues upward, feel air energy, the power of the mind and wisdom, surround your head. Hold the sensation of all four elements for a moment and then allow the energy to return to Mother Earth, taking any negativity or tension from you as it recedes.

When you are ready, slowly open your eyes and with a soft gaze look at the object(s) in the left section of your altar. Instead of replaying events in your mind, try to capture the essence of the past year and come to a sense of self. This may be slightly more difficult than it sounds because our true selves are not about what we have or what we do for a living. Try to just be, and then feel what comes to you—without judgment—just be for a few minutes.

When you feel that you have reached that point, or at least gotten as close to it as you can for now, allow your gaze to gently shift to the center section of your altar. Underneath all the modern trappings, contemplate what this season means to you. Seek what is in your heart and know that the magic of this season lies within your soul.

Finally, shift your gaze to the right section of your altar. We celebrate the light: the sun beginning its journey back to us, the (re)birth of the divine, and the renewed light of spirit in our hearts. In your mind’s eye, see light emanating from your heart center, surrounding you and then moving out into the world. Allow the image to fade of its own accord, and then slowly bring your focus back into the room where you are sitting. Hold any sensations for a moment or two and then let them go.

You may have a moving experience or you may simply feel more relaxed. It’s not important to hear a choir of angelic voices. The most significant aspect of this particular meditation is to step out of the frantic whirl of activity that we force on ourselves and into the realm of spirit where we can catch our breath and put life into perspective. Altar experiences will vary, but each one will be its own unique journey.

After working with an altar setup, leave it in place for a day or two; the visual clues that guided the meditation will serve as reminders to keep ourselves grounded in the things that are important.

By using an altar we participate in an ancient act that is fundamental to humankind. The way that we interact with our altars is as diverse as we are as individuals. Using the altar as a tool for introspection serves to enrich our spiritual paths and deepen our sense of self. Repeat the meditation several times during the holidays and see if it makes a difference in your experience this year. The joy of the season resides in our hearts; we just need to pause for a while to find it.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

:: Winter Solstice Ritual

Yule is the time of the Winter Solstice, with the longest night and shortest day of the year.
It has been a major festival for thousands of years, many megaliths and stone circles are aligned to the Winter Solstice. Today, Neo-Pagans, Druids, and others celebrate this day as the returning of the light - the time when the days begin to grow longer.
For more information about the Winter Solstice visit

In addition to your usual m'jyk-l tools, you will need:

* A Green Altar Cloth
* A Cauldron w/Lid or Cover Plate
* Holly Sprig Wreath
* Mistletoe Sprig Wreath
* 12 Low Vibration Stones (flat oval river rocks work well)
* 1 Black Votive Candle, 1 Green 12" Taper Candle, 1 White 12" Taper Candle, 1 Gold (12hr) Pillar Candle
* Pine Incense
* Bowl of Water w/ Pine Sprig in it
* Plate of Sand
* Athame
* Other Personal Items of choice

This ritual should be performed right after sunset.
About an hour before, sweep area moving in a deosil manner. Yule symbols such as Poinsettias, Pine Cones, and even a decorated Yule Log nearby (if too big for altar) adds to the ambiance. Place the proper candles and symbols at the four cardinal directions. Place the gold God pillar candle at right top of altar. Place the white Goddess taper candle at the top left. Place your Pentacle (or a plate with a Pentagram drawn on it) in the center of the altar. Place your Cauldron to the right of the altar, with the black votive candle, Holly sprig wreath around it , inside. Cover cauldron with lid or cover plate. Place the green taper candle and mistletoe wreath where they will be behind you at the beginning of the ritual. Outline your circle perimeter with 11 of the low vibration stones (save 12th to close circle when you enter. Place the rest of your tools and props according to personal preference. Take a shower or bath for purity. Sit quietly for a period to ground and center. When ready put on some soothing music associated with the Sabbat and your ritual. Enter the standing stone circle and close with 12th stone.
Cast circle by envisioning flames of Yule colors red, green, and gold coming up between the stones. When all become a continuous line, step up to the altar and begin:

"From the darkness is born the light, From void, fulfillment emerges...
The darkest night of the year's at the threshold, Open now the door, and honor the darkness."

Take the lid/plate off the cauldron and light the black votive candle inside. Step back from the cauldron and give silent honor to the Holly King, the ruler of the dark half of the year. Call quarters, start by lighting yellow candle in the East:

"Powers of Air, step forth from the darkness, Enter my circle , as dark gives 'way to light.
Bring along with you the essence of pine trees, Remind me of Springtime As I face Solstice Night."

Light the pine incense and place on Pentacle/Center Plate. Light the red candle in the South:

"Powers of Fire, step forth from the darkness, Enter my circle, as dark gives 'way to light.
Bring along with you the first glint of tomorrow, Remind me of Summer As I face Solstice Night."

Pick up the Athame and brandish it in the flame of the candle to reflect the light. Place on the Pentacle/Center Plate. Light the blue candle in the West:

"Powers of Water, step forth from the darkness, Enter my circle, as dark gives 'way to light.
Bring along with you bittersweet memories Remind me of Autumn As I face Solstice Night."

Pick up the bowl of water, sprinkle water with pine sprig in Pentacle/Center Plate. Light brown candle in the North:

"Powers of Earth, step forth from the darkness, Enter my circle, as dark gives 'way to light.
Bring along with you the land that now slumbers, Remind me of Winter And this cold Solstice Night."

Pick up the plate of sand, sprinkle sand in a line around the other symbols. Step back from the alter for a moment and contemplate the seasons of the past year, and how their lessons have brought you to where you are today. When ready, begin again:

"Dark my surroundings, and cold be this night But Thy labor, Blessed Mother Has reborn the Sacred Light...
The Child Divine, The most honored Sun Shall return with the sunrise Again, Two will be One."

Remove the Holly wreath from around the black votive candle. With your right hand, present it to the four elements in a deosil manner. Finally, in a clockwise motion, place it behind you, to signify the death, "passing", of the Holly King. Turn back to the altar. Then with your left hand, reach behind you, and in a clockwise motion bring forward the Mistletoe wreath and the green candle. Present them to the elements, slide the wreath over the green candle and place the candle in its holder in the cauldron. Light the green candle with the black votive candle:

"Hark! Behold the Rebirth of the King of the Woodlands! Behold the Oak King, strong and vital he rises!"

Snuff the black votive candle and with your right hand, place it behind you in a clockwise motion. Turn back to the cauldron, close your eyes, and silently honor the Oak King. Begin again:

"Awake now Thy Mother, Thy Lover, Thy Lady - Awake now Thy Goddess of Life, Death, Rebirth."

Take the green candle out of the cauldron and light the white Goddess candle on the altar. Replace the green candle in the cauldron. Take the white Goddess candle with both hands and hold out at arm's length over the cauldron:

"Awaken, my Lady, look upon Thyne Divine Child, His rebirth while You slumbered Was subtle and silent.
The Stag King, the Green Man, Lord of Fertility, He awaits Thy wakening Gentle and benevolent"

Place the white Goddess candle back in its holder at the left top of altar. Step back and assume the Goddess position. In a bold voice:

"All hail the Oak King, His rebirth; a promise All hail the Divine Child, Giver of Life All hail the Blessed Sun, reborn to the Mother For he retakes His throne at the end of Solstice Night!"

Now is the time for meditation and any spellworkings. Spellworkings associated with Yule include those for peace, harmony, love, and happiness. Next celebrate with the Cakes and Ale (Fruitcake* and Spiced Cider *) ceremony, saving some for the wee Folkes, outside. Thank the Goddess and snuff Her candle. Thank and release the elements:

"Carry sweet tidings, 'round the world and beyond, I charge thee as messengers Earth, Water, Fire, and Air Let all rejoice loudly in the Oak King's return Teach all that you meet, with the glad tidings you bear."

Snuff each Quarter candle in a widdershins manner. Step back and face the cauldron and the green candle still burning bright.

"Before my circle, tonight, I close Blessings I ask for this house and my kin Tomorrow at daybreak, when I arise A special flame I will carry, within... And a gold candle upon my altar I'll light Adding my will to the Sun King's intent To climb aloft in the vaulted skies And for strength back to me; three times, strength I've sent."

Snuff the green candle. Take the Mistletoe wreath and place it on the other symbols on the Pentacle/Center Plate. Release the circle. Clean up, leaving the gold God pillar candle in center front to light upon rising in the morning.
You are done!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

:: Release Ritual - Samhain

Years ago I learned a ritual from a dear friend and fellow priestess that became a Samhain tradition.

What to do:

- Light a fire in a cauldron, or in any hearth.

- Gather the seeds from your jack-o-lantern, or buy pumpkin seeds.

- Charge them with the power to help you release the past, and as you toss each one into the flames, name it-- an event, an attribute that no longer serves you, a loss, a victory, etc. Yield up the whole of the last 365 days, and all of its accompanying triumphs and tragedies, so that you may walk into the coming year free and unburdened.

- As an alternative, release the seeds into a running stream, so that the cleansing power of water may carry it away.

The Crone Goddess may wear a terrible face, but she is not to be feared. Hers is the darkness of sleep and dreams, of one life yielding to the next as autumn turns to winter turns to spring. Give her your sorrow, and she will transform it into promise; give her your tears, and with them she will water the coming year. Life, she teaches, is meant to be lived--it is beautiful and terrible, temporary yet everlasting. Walk from one year to the next with hard-earned knowledge, and without regret.

--by Dianne Sylvan

Thursday, August 31, 2006

:: Autumn Scarecrow & Protective Spell

Farmers, gardeners, and magical folks still use the scarecrow today for crop protection and as a fun decoration. They are a charming and traditional autumn symbol of the harvest. And just as it has t=for the past three thousand years or so, the scarecrow will keep grinning its lopsided grin, secretly hoping to terrify bad luck away.

How To Make An Enchanted Autumnal Scarecrow

You will need:
- old clothes and a homemade wood frame.
- pumpkin head (foam or plastic is better)
- old pillows or pillow/cushion stuffing
- recycled-plastic grocery/garbage bags

What you need to do:
- for the body, stuff the clothes full of old pillows or pillow stuffing covered in plastic bags. (these bags are recommended since the scarecrow is going to be exposed to the weather. Newspaper or actual straw will get soggy after a rainy day and will most likely get moldy)
- trim the scarecrow. Use bits and pieces of straw or small pieces of corn stalks to make it seem that it is actually stuffed with straw. To achieve this, leave a few tufts of straw sticking out from the collar, cuffs of shirt and pants.


Autumnal Scarecrow Protective Spell

You may work this spell under a waxing Moon to pull protection towards you and yours, or under a waning Moon to banish negativity and to keep away prowlers or the neighborhood mischief makers. Once the scarecrow is set up, take a stroll outside at sunset or sunrise and enchant the autumn scarecrow with this protective spell.

As you're walking around the scarecrow deosil (clockwise), repeat three times:

"Made from straw, and old cast-off clothes,
The scarecrow sees more than you know.
Ward my gardens well and protect us true,
Under the midnight stars, and skies of blue."

Place your dominant hand (the hand you write with) on the scarecrow and close the spell with these lines:

"By the magic of harvest home this spell is spun,
As I will so mote it be, An let it harm none."

by Ellen Dugan

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

:: Huichol-Lace Suncatcher Ornament

Materials Needed:
- size 11 beads, assorted colors (silver-lined and transparent colors recommended)
-size 3 bugle beads, at least one color
- size B or A thread
- size 10 beading needle
- scissors
- clear nail polish


1. Thread about 1 yard of thread on your needle. Add 12 beads of one color and tie in a ring with a square knot. Seal knot with clear nail polish and let dry.

2. Pick up 3 beads of a different color, skip a bead, and pass your needle through the next bead (forming a peak); continue adding3 beads every other bead until you finish the ring and have 6 peaks.

3. At the top of the peaks you just created, add 5 beads from one peak to the next. Tie an in-line knot at the end of every row to keep the tension taut.

4. Repeat step 3 using 7 beads (2 light, 3 dark, and 3 light) and pass your needle from peak to peak.

5. This row is different. Using the row you just created, pass your needle through the first 2 beads, add 5 beads and pass your needle through the 6th bead. Continue adding beads this way for 12 total peals. It may look wavy, but as soon as you add more rows it will smooth out.

6. Add 5 beads from peak to peak.

7. For the last row, add 5 beads from peak to peak, creating the outer circle.

8. To finish your sun catcher ornament, spary or dip in distilled water, shape it, and let it dry. After it dries thoroughly, use clear nail polish to stiffen the threads. Uae more than once coat if needed, and allow to dry. Tie with a pretty ribbon or metallic thread and hang in a nearby window.

taken from Creative Native American Beading, by Theresa Flores Geary

Monday, October 10, 2005

:: Samhain Ritual

This ritual can be for the solitary witch, to do at home alone, or to do with the family, before the festivities begin.

In addition to your magickal tools, you will need:

* An Orange Alter Cloth
* Cauldron
* 1 Black Taper Goddess Candle
* 1 Black Taper God Candle
* 2 Carved Turnip Candle Holders
* 1 Black Votive Candle
* 1 White Pillar Candle
* 1 Apple
* A Bolline
* A Plate of Fruit
* Vegetables and Breads
* Pictures or Mementos of Departed Loved Ones
* Samhain Incense (Mint, Nutmeg, Apple)

Sweep area, moving in a deosil manner. Outline your circle with a black cord, fresh turned earth, or salt. Place the black taper Goddess Candle to the top left on altar. Place the black taper God candle to the top right on altar. Place the black votive candle in the cauldron, positioned on floor in front of the altar. Plate of Fruit, Vegetables, and Breads should be put in-between Goddess and God candles at top center of altar. Apple and Bolline should be placed in center of altar, on a Pentacle if possible. Arrange the rest of your tools and props according to personal preference. Bathe or shower for purification. If you have magickal jewelry or jewelry passed on to you by departed loved ones, this is the ritual to wear it all. Sit and meditate to ground and center. When ready to begin, play some appropriate soothing music for ambiance.

Cast the circle and call Quarters...... invoke the Crone aspect of the Goddess by lighting the black taper Goddess candle and saying:

"Dark Mother, ruler of the night, Goddess of death and rebirth,
Hear and behold Your child this night as I honor Thee and Thy realm.
I stand humbly before Thee, asking for Thy blessing and favor.
Lift, now, the Veil between the worlds, as this time-out-of-time begins,
That I may commune with my ancestors as they journey to the Summerlands."

Step back from the altar and concentrate on the Goddess candle's flame. Should it rise and flicker, proceed. If not, silently project your wish to commune with your loved ones that have passed on. When you feel that your wish has been acknowledged, invoke the God by lighting the black taper God candle and saying:

"Dark Father, aged Consort of the Crone, Lord of the Underworld,
Hear and behold Your child this night as I honor Thee and Thy realm.
I stand between Thee and Thy Lady, asking for blessing and favor.
As this time-out-of-time approaches, stand ever guard as the Veil lifts,
Keep safe my ancestors, and all of my loved ones As they journey to the Summerlands"

Step back from the altar and concentrate on the God candle's flame. If it rises and flickers, proceed. If not, silently project your wishes that your loved ones be kept safe on their journey. When you feel that your request has been acknowledged, step back up to the alter and pick up the apple, saying:

"Tonight as the barrier between the two realms grows thin,
Spirits walk amongst us, once again.
They be family, friends and foes,
Pets and wildlife, fishes and crows.
But be we still mindful of the Wee Folke at play,
Elves, fey, brownies, and sidhe
that come out today."

Cut the apple crosswise with the Bolline to reveal the symbolic pentagram at the core. Take a bite of one half of the apple and set it back on the Pentacle. (This apple and others will be buried outside later, after the ritual is done) Continue:

"Some to trick, some to treat,
Some to purposely misguide our feet.
Stay we on the paths we know
As planting sacred apples we go."

Now take your wand in your projective hand to bless the "Feast of the Dead". Wave it over the plate of fruits, vegetables, and breads, saying:

"This Feast I shall leave on my doorstep all night.
In my window one candle shall burn bright,
To help my loved ones find their way
As they travel this eve, and this night, until day.
Bless my offering, both Lady and Lord
Of breads and fruits, greens and gourd."

Replace the wand on the altar, step back and bow your head. Stay silent for a minute or two as the blessing is given. Proceed by lighting the black votive candle in the cauldron and saying:

"Dark Mother Your cauldron is a well of death and rebirth,
Dark Father Your sword both protects and annihilates.
Hear me now as the past year slowly dies, only to be reborn again.
Today, the last of the Harvests is complete.
This symbolic harvest is of my thought-seeds,
Planted and nurtured throughout this past year.
May the good come to pass and the bad be cast aside.
With Your divine guidance and protection,
I step into the New Year,
May I have good health, prosperity, and happiness."

With the flame of the black votive candle light the white pillar candle, saying:

"As the New Year is born, we are all reborn
With new hopes and dreams.
Guide me in the future as in the past.
Give me strength and courage,
Knowledge and fulfillment,
Assist me as I attempt to achieve my goals."

Snuff the black votive candle and replace it. Remove the white pillar candle from the cauldron and place it in the center of your altar. Stare in to the flame and think about the goals that you are setting for the upcoming year. When done, say:

"Every beginning has an ending,
And every ending is a new beginning.
In Life is Death, and in Death is Life.
Watch over me, my loved ones, and all of my
Brothers and Sisters, here and departed,
Who, tonight are joined together again for
Fellowship and celebration.
Bless us all as we light our bonfires, our hearth fires,
And the eternal fires in our hearts.
Guide us and protect us,
Tonight and throughout the coming year.
Blessed Be! Blessed Be!"

As you say "Blessed Be!" stretch out your arms over your alter as if to embrace all of your ancestors, your departed loved ones, and everyone on Earth. As you say "Blessed Be" again, embrace yourself with a reborn love and pride.
It is now time for meditation and spellworking. Associated spellworkings would include those for protection, self-confidence, and dissuading harm. If there is no spellworking, celebrate with Cakes and Ale, then release the Circle. Clean up. You are done. Leave the white pillar candle burning somewhere it won't be disturbed. Some use it as the single candle in their window, but I leave it on my altar and use an electric candle in the window to dissuade a fire!

Monday, July 18, 2005

:: Floral Candles

Make Your Own Floral Candle
So many times I thought of making my own candles but didn't have the money to purchase a "candle making kit"... so this is what I did. The idea is to make candles with materials we have at home. Be creative, be inventive, and have fun!


- candle wax.
you can use the leftover wax from candles you've already burned. (Remember to NOT use wax from a "purpose candle" or a candle you've lit for a specific purpose).

- jar, cup or candle vase, it can be glass, metal or ceramic that can withstand heat. Glass is preferred so that the decorated candle can be seen through it.

- leaves and petals. (please don't go around cutting flowers and leaves from plants, trees or bushes without letting Mother Nature know what you're up to).

- for decoration gather beads, pearls, pennies, confetti, etc.

- waxed linen thread may be used as a wick, or you can check in your local arts & crafts store.


- in a sauce pan (which you will now use ONLY for candle making) melt the leftover wax until it all becomes liquid.

- pre-cut the wick to the measurement of the candle, and give it an extra 1 1/2". Make a knot on one end of it.

- pour the melted wax into the cup, holding the wick in the middle and keeping it straight up. make sure the knotted end of the wick is at the bottom.

- throw petals, leaves and anything you've gathered for decoration. Remember that beads and pearls have weight so they will fall straight down UNLESS you allow some time for the wax to settle .. but DO NOT wait too long or it will harden.

- let it stand. give it enough time for the wax to harden throughout.

**CAUTION: please be extra careful when working with hot wax and when lighting candles.


Monday, June 13, 2005

:: The Language of Herbs

The healing powers of herbs have long been known. And, in addition to their medicinal properties herbs, like flowers, speak a silent, symbolic language. While in recent times, flowers have become the more popular way to convey messages of love and caring, in ancient times, and even as recent as the Victorian era, Herbal Bouquets were exchanged to express that which words could not.

Some herbs have many meanings, even varying in interpretation by different sources. Others have very specific messages, such as Rosemary which symbolizes remembrance says, "Your presence revives me." A considerate nosegay of Chives asks, "Why do you weep?" Verbena's reassuring message is "You have my confidence." Abor Vitae conveys unchanging friendship saying, "Live for me." Mugwort bestows sentiments of happiness and travel, telling its recipient, "Be not weary." Sage speaks of domestic virtues, long life, and good health. Its potent message is, "I will suffer all for you."

Not all herbal messages are loving or even uplifting. Borage speaks of bluntness and says, "Your intentions only embarrass me." Lemon Balm begs, "Don't misuse me," and the spiciness of Savory tells it like it is, "The truth may be bitter." Goldenrod offers a little more encouragement while sending a message of indecision, pleading, "Allow me time to decide."

Still, the language of herbs can be light-hearted and humorous. The common cooking herb Parsley stands for useful knowledge, festivity, joy, and victory while claiming, "The woman of the house is boss." Sweet Marjoram tells a persistent admirer, "Your passion sends blushes to my cheeks."

The following list offers the symbolic messages of other herbs:

Balm - sympathy
Basil (sweet) - good or best wishes, love or serious intentions
Bergamot (Monarda, Bee Balm) - compassion, sweet virtues
Betony - surprise, healing
Calendula - sacred affections, joy, remembrance, grief
Catnip - intoxification with love
Chamomile - energy in adversity
Cilantro (Coriander) - hidden worth
Cowslip - pensiveness, happiness
Dill - good spirits
Elder -zealousness
Fennel - worthy of praise or flattery
Geranium - present preference
Gloxinia - a proud spirit
Hop - injustice
Ivy - friendship, matrimony, fidelity, constancy
Lavender - acknowledgment, suspicion, devotion, loyalty
Mint - grief, homeliness, wisdom, eternal refreshment
Marigold - despair, grief, honesty
Nasturtium - optimism, splendor
Pennyroyal - flee away
Peppermint - cordiality
Santolina - protection
Sorrel - affection
Southernwood - bantering jest
Spearmint - warmth of sentiment
Tansy (Tannacetum) - resistance, life everlasting, hostile thoughts
Thyme - thriftiness, happiness, courage

Herbs heal on many levels and offer us a way to convey our sentiments through their beauty and fragrance. Herbs may be combined with other herbs or flowers in a posy or nosegay to convey just the sentiment you wish to express to someone you care about, even when this someone is YOU.

Taken fromDailyOM

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Herbal Infusions

Please make sure these herbs aren't posionous by referring to an Herbal Correspondence. Although some herbs are listed as dangerous, please make 100% sure.

Basically infusions, brews and washes are just tea. Herbs steeped in hot water to release their volatile oils and essences into the water so the resulting liquid may be used to transfer their energies to an object, place or person. Infusions may be used in a number of ways; to sprinkle around a space or onto an object or person, to bathe an object or person, or to drink as tea. They are generally brewed when they will be used as they do not keep well. The herbs may be mixed in advance and placed in small cheesecloth bundles, ready to use like a tea bag. If you use a particular infusion often you may want to make up these tea bags and have them on hand. Mixing the herbs should be done with ritual, visualization and the appropriate time correspondences as with any magical herb preparation. The prepared tea bags should be stored in an airtight jar, in a dry, cool place. The following table lists some herbs traditionally used in infusions for various magical intents.
Herbs Traditionally Used in Infusions

Infusion is sprinkled to drive out poltergeists.
Infusion is sprinkled to drive out evil.
Tea is brewed and drunk to develop psychic powers.
Infusion is sprinkled at home before going to court to win favor with the judge/jury.
Infusion is added to bath to attract love.
Wash the head and hands with the infusion 9 times to rid yourself of hexes.
-Clover, Red
Infusion is sprinkled to drive away evil and negativity.
-Cohosh, Black
Infusion is added to the bath to cure impotency.
Infusion is drunk to increase sexual stimulation.
Infusion is added to the bath to attract love.
Infusion is sprinkled around the house to attract money.
Infusion is added to the bath to attract love.
Tea is drunk to induce lust.
An infusion of the flowers is drunk to induce lust.
Infusion is sprinkled or added to the bath for purification.
-Kava Kava
A tea is drunk to enhance psychic powers.
Infusion is used to induce lust.
-Lemon Verbena
Infusion is sprinkled or added to the bath for purification.
Infusion is added to the bath to attract love.
Infusion is added to the bath to attract respect and admiration.
Infusion is added to the bath to break hexes.
Infusion is used to wash divinatory tools to increase their effectiveness.
Infusion is added to the bath to be more attractive.
Infusion is added to the bath for purification.
Infusion is added to the bath to attract luck.
Infusion is sprinkled or added to the bath to break hexes.
-Rattlesnake Root
Infusion is added to the bath for protection.
Rosebud tea drunk before bed induces prophetic dreams.
Infusion is added to the bath for purification.
Infusion is added to the bath for breaking hexes and exorcism.
Infusion is drunk to improve psychic powers.
Infusion is added to the bath for purification.
Infusion is added to the bath for luck.
-Solomons Seal
Infusion of the roots is sprinkled to drive away evil.
Infusion is drunk to improve psychic powers, and give protection.
Infusion is sprinkled to exorcise evil spirits and negativity.
Infusion is sprinkled for purification.
Infusion of the flowers is drunk to improve psychic powers.
-Yerba Mate
Infusion is drunk as a lust inducing potion.
-Yerba Santa
Infusion is added to the bath to be more beautiful.
Infusion is drunk as a lust inducing potion.

Taken from Wicca

Sunday, June 05, 2005

:: A Sun Amulet

Make a Sun Amulet for the sabbat of Litha, or MidSummer, during the Summer Solstice.
When the Sun is high in the sky, gather materials to create the amulet.
If possible, work outdoors. If not, visualize warmth and brightness above you.
Salute the Sun and call solar energy within as you say and do the following:

As from above energy flows.
(Stand tall, with arms aloft)
Here below my energy grows.
(Kneel, hands on the Earth)
With heart and mind I seek your might.
(Stand, hands to heart, then to head)
Guide my purpose with your light.
(Arms aloft)
That from within light flows from me.
(Touch heart with hand, then gesture outward)
As I give thanks to thee.
(Cross hands over the heart)
This is my will, so mote it be!
(Bow to Sun)

Create your amulet, opening mind and heart for insight as to how best to fulfill your purpose and express it within your world.
For materials, combine nature's offerings with items such as ribbons, strings, and small shiny ornaments in yellow, orange and gold.
Bind supple branches or vines into a single circle to form a solar cross.
After you decorate the form, hold your finished amulet up toward the Sun.
Offer thanks for messages received during your rite.
Hang the amulet ourdoors or in, wherever it will catch the Sun's rays and remind you of the messages received from your Sun.

Maria Kay Simms

Saturday, June 04, 2005

:: Number Sequences

A message from the angels...

The angels do their best to get our attention and to communicate with us. In this way, they help us heal our own lives. However, we often discount the signs that they give us, writing them off as mere coincidences or our imagination.
The angels say:
"We can't write our messages to you in the sky.
You've got to pay attention and believe when you see
any patterns forming in your life--specially in response
to any questions or prayers that you've posed.
When we hear the same song repeatedly of see the
same number sequence, who do you think is behind this?
Your angels, of course!"

Your angels often communicate messages to you by showing you sequences of numbers. They do this in two ways. First, they subtly whisper in your ear so that you'll look up in time to notice the clock's time or a phone number on a billboard. The angels hope you'll be aware that you're seeing this same number sequence repeatedly. For instance, you may frequently see the number sequence 111, and it seems that every time you look at a clock the time reads 1:11 or 11:11.
Another way in which the angels show you meaningful number sequences is by physically arranging for, say, a car to drive in front of you that has a specific license plate number they want you to see.Those who are aware of this phenomenon become adept at reading the meaning of various license plates. In this way, the angels will actually give you detailed messages.

Here are the basic meaning of various number sequences. However, your own angels will tell you of your situation holds a different meaning for you. Ask your angels, "What are you trying to tell me?" and they'll happily give you additional information to help you decode their numeric meanings.

111 -- Monitor your thoughts carefully, and be sure to only think about what yu want, not what you dont want. This sequence is a sign that there is a gate of opportunity opening up, and your thoughts are manifesting into form at record speeds. The 111 is like the bright light of a flashbulb. It emans that the universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting them into form. Are you pleased woith what thoughts the universe has captured? If not, correct your thoughts; ask the angels to help you with this if you have difficulty controlling or monitoring your thoughts.

222 -- Our newly planted ideas are beginning to grow into reality. Keep watering and nurturing them, and soon they will push through the soil so yuo can see evidence of your manifestation. In other words, dont quit five minutes before the miracle. Your manifestation is soon going to be evident to you, so keep up the good work! Keep holding positive thoughts, keep affirming and continue visualizing.

333 -- The ascended masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love, and companionship. Call upon the ascended masters often, especially when you see the number 3 patterns around you. Some of the ascended masters include Jesus, Moses, Mary, Quan Yin, and Yogananda.

444 -- The angels are surrounding you now, reassuring you of their love and help. Don't worry becuase the angels' help is nearby.

555 -- "Buckle your seatbelts" the angels say, because a major change is upon you. This change should not be viewed as being "positive" or "negative", since all change is but a natural part of life's flow. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayers, so continue seeing and feeling yourself being at peace.

666 -- Your thoughts are out of balance right now, focused too much on the material world. This number sequence asks you to balance your thoughts between heaven and earth. Like the famous "Sermon on the Mount", the angels ask you to focus on spirit and service, and know that your material and emotional needs will automatically be met as a result.

777 -- The angels applaud you-congratulations, you're on a roll! Keep up the good work and know that your wish is coming true. This is an extremely positive sign and means that you should expect more miracles to occur.

888 -- A phase of your life is about to end, and this is a sign to give you forewarning so you can prepare. This number sequence may mean that you are winding up an emotional, career, or relationship phase. It also means that there is light at the end of the tunnel. In addition, it means, "The crops are ripe. Don't wait to pick and enjoy them." In other words, don't procrastinate making your move or enjoy the fruits of your labor.

999 -- Completion. This is the end of a big phase in your personal or global life. Also, it is a message to lightworkers involved in Earth healing and means, "Get to work because Mother Earth needs you right now."

000 -- A reminder that you are one with God, and to feel the presence of your Creator's love within you. Also, it is a sign that a situation has gone full circle.

Extracted from "Healing With The Angels", by Doreen Virtue

Sunday, May 29, 2005

:: Stained Glass

    Make an "Organic Stained Glass" Decoration


- dried leaves and petals
- wax paper
- iron
- towels
- frame


1. collect as many leaves and petals as possible. Be creative, dont just limit yoruself to one kind of leaf or petal. Mother Nature offers us an infinite variety of beaufitul shapes and colors. And She will place them right at your feet, so keep your eyes open when out looking for "materials". There is no need to snatch flowers and leaves off their plants and trees, instead, look around the plants and trees as this is where you will find all the leaves and petals you need and more!
2. you can use a picture frame or you can make one. There are many ways to make a frame that would look good with the stained glass. Gather thin sticks that fall from trees and bushes. Cut them to size. Tie 2 or 3 together in a bunch, one for each of the 4 sides and bring them together to form the frame.
3. cut 2 pieces of wax paper slightly larger than the frame you've chosen.
4. lay one sheet of wax paper on the towel and arrange the leaves and petals however you like.
5. lay the other sheet of wax paper over the leaves and lay another towel over, press the two together using a hot iron and moving quickly but firmly.
6. attach the stained glass to the frame --using tape, glue or any other method of your preference.
7. hang on a window for best results.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

:: Dream Pillows

    The Divine Spirit of God and those dear to us who have passed, communicate with us through our dreams.
If you cannot remember your dreams, dont alarm, this happens to all of us. Simply ask God before you fall asleep to help you remember them, and you will.
If you enjoy working with your dreams or simply want to encourage more interesting ones, try making a dream pillow.
All you need is some fabric, needle and thread, and some herbs. Make sure it's a fabric with a fine weave, or the herbs will leak out. Natural/organic is always best! (Muslin, linen, cotton, etc)

.Cut 2 squares of fabric (4-5" across).
.Place them together with the good sides on the inside. (if it has a design it should be on the inside)
.Sew around the edges, closing up 3 sides. (you should have created a square bag or pocket)
.Now turn your "dream pillow" rightside -out so the good sides are on the outside.
.Stuff with herbs, and sew the final side.
.Don't fill too full. It should lie fairly flat under your pillow.

Herbs for peaceful sleep:

* Lavender
* Chamomile
* Valerian (Use sparingly. Smelly)
* Thyme
* Vervain

Herbs for psychic dreams:

* Mugwort
* Chamomile
* Sandalwood
* Jasmine
* Lemongrass

How to use

Just place your herbal dream pillow under your pillow or inside the pillow case at night. And Sweet Dreams!

*Remember not to let your dream pillow go through the wash with the rest of the bed linens.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

:: The Power of Intention

Making Your Intention Your Reality

(extracted from the book The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your world your way, by Wayne Dyer)

A ten-step program for making the intention of creating a stress-free, tranquil life your daily experience:

Step 1: Remember that your natural state is joy.
You are a product of joy and love; it's natural for you to experience these feelings. You've come to believe that feeling bad, anxious, or even depressed is natural, particularly when people and event around you are in low-energy modes.
Remind yourself as frequently as necessary: I come fronm peace anbd joy. I must stay in harmony with that from which I came in order to fulfill my dreams and desires. I choose to stay in my natural state. Anytime I'm anxious, stresses out, drepressed, or fearful, I've abandoned my natural state.

Step 2: Your thoughts, not the world, cause your stress.
Your thoughts activate stressful reactions in your body. Stressful thoughts create resistance to the joy, happiness, and abundance that you desire to create in your life. These thoughts include: I can't, I'm too overworked, I worry, I'm afraid, I'm unworthy, It will never happen, I'm not smart enough, and so on. These thoughts are like a program to resist being tranquil and stress free, and they keep you from manifesting your desires.

Step 3: You can change your thoughts of stress in any given moment, and eliminate the anxiety for the next few moments, even hours and days.
By making a conscious decision to distract yourself from worry, you've inaugurated the process of stress reduction, while simultaneously reconnecting to the field of all-creating intention. It's from this place of peace and tranquility that you become a co-creator with God. You can't be connected to your Source and be stressed at the same time - this is mutually exclusive. Your Source doesn't create from a position of anxiety, nor does it need to swallow antidepressants. You've left behind your capacity to manifest your desires when you dont choose in the moment to eliminate a stressful thought.

Step 4: Monitor your stressful thoughts by checking on your emotional state right in the moment.
Ask yourself the key question: Do I feel good right now? If the answer is no, then repeat the five magic words: I want to feel good, then shift to: I intend to feel good. Monitor your emotions, and detect how much stress - and anxiety-producing thinking you're engaging in. This monitoring process keeps you apprised of whether you're on the path of least resistance or going in the other direction.

Step 5: Make a conscious choice to select a thought that will activate good feelings.
I urge you to choose your thought based exclusively on how it makes you feel, rather than on how popular it is or how well advertised. Ask yourself: Does this new thought make me feel good? No? well how about this thought? Not really? Here's another. Ultimately you'll come up with one that you agree makes you feel good. You choice might be the thought of a beautiful sunset, the expression on the face o someone you love, or a thrilling experience. Its only important that it rsonate within you emotionally and physically as a gppd feeling.

Step 6: Spend some time observing babies and vow to emulate their joy.
You didnt come forth into this world to suffer, to be anxious, fearful, stressful, or depressed. You came from the God-consciousness of joy. Just watch little babies. They've done nothing to be so happy about. They dont work; they poop in their pants; and they have no goals other than to expand, grow, and explore this amazing world. They love everyone, they're completely entertained by a plastic bottle or goofy faces, and they're in a constant state of love - yet they have no teeth, no hair, and they're pudgy and flatulent. How could they possibly be so joyful and easily pleased? Because they're still in harmony with the Source that intended them here; they have no resistance to being joyful.

Step 7: Keep "Rule Nubmer 6" in mind.
Suspend the damands of your ego, which keeps you separated from intention.When you have a choice to be right or to be kind, pick kind, and push the ego's demand out of the way. Kindness is what you emanated from. When you find yourself being impatient with anyone or anything, simply say to yourself: "Rule Number 6", and you'll immediately laugh at the piddly little ego.

Step 8: Accept the guidance of your Source of Intention.
You will only come to know the Mother or Father by being as She or He is. You'll only be able to access the guidance of this field of intention by being as it is. Stress, anxiety and depression will be lifted from you with the assistance of that same force that created you.I believe that God's desire for you is that you not only know joy, but that you become it.

Step 9: Practice being in silence and meditation.
Nothing relieves stress, depression, anxiety and all forms of low-energy emotions like silence and meditation. Here, you make conscious contact with your Source and cleanse your connecting link to intention. Take time everyday for moments of quiet contemplation, and make meditation a part of your daily ritual.

Step 10: Stay in a state of gratitude and awe.
Go on a rampage of appreciation for all that you have, all that you are and all that you observe. Gratitude is the tenth step in every ten-step program for manifesting your intentions, because it is the surest way to stop the incessant inner dialogue that leads you away from the joy and perfection of the Source.

Friday, May 13, 2005

:: Mystery Of Transformation

The Butterfly Chrysalis

During the time that a caterpillar egg is an egg, it looks nothing like a caterpillar, and the butterfly seems a far cry from the larva that precedes it. Do caterpillars recognize butterflies as their future selves? Do butterflies identify caterpillars as past relations? The most mysterious phase of this shape-shifting creature's process is the chrysalis, the jade green cocoon in which the crawling, leaf-eating caterpillar transforms into a floating, nectar-drinking butterfly.

In our human lives, we sometimes find ourselves in the chrysalis state. During those times we don't have much to offer the outside world because, whether we realize it or not, much of our energy is consumed with an inner transition. We might feel sluggish or disinterested in the outside world. We might feel impatient with ourselves, wondering why we don't have the energy we used to for our usual routines. But if we remember the chrysalis-the dark, inner sanctum that provides the environment for a remarkable conversion-we can relax and let ourselves be, finding ways to support our process rather than cajoling ourselves out of it.

If you see a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, the temptation may be to help it break out. But the physical challenge of this part of the process is necessary for the butterfly to build its strength so that it can survive outside the chrysalis. The same is true of us. Sometimes we have to labor on our own to discover the force we need to be our new selves in the world. Similarly, when seeing friends or family members struggling, it's easy to become impatient and want to help with their emergence, but we have to learn to let others make their own way. Taking on the challenge of liberating ourselves directly enables us to thrive in our new freedom. Sometimes the greatest supports we can offer others and ourselves are patience and quiet confidence in the process unfolding, along with faith that the result will be extraordinary.

Daily Om

Thursday, May 12, 2005

:: Nature's Healing Power


"I live a joyful and peaceful life"

Nature inspires us every day!
LOOK at nature. pay atention. notice the gifts it offers and the lessons it teaches.

Many times the feelings of Stress, Depression & Low Self-Esteem creep up on us and take us by surprise. Sometimes the feelings are so strong it becomes difficult to shake them off.
These feelings are the consequence of a list of things, be it work or school, the house, the kids, the family, the friends; or no work, no house, no family or friends .. and we end up feeling stressed and/or depressed: extreamely sad, lonely, unwanted, unliked, misunderstood, not cared for; and with a low self-esteem: not good at anything, useless, not smart, and so on.
whatever the cause, here are a couple of ideas i've put together - based on my own experience of depression and stress - that can bring clarity and help release the unwanted energy.

Daydreaming is a very effective way to assist the soul while it dwells in low energy levels.
Take a walk every day. It doesnt have to be a long walk but go at least around the block. The goal you want to achieve here is to enter a state of daydream while you connect with Mother Nature. Allow yourself to get lost in your inner depths. Explore deep within your Self.
We need to take time to allow the mind to wander and use the imagination freely, without limitations, this will help us release tension and get rid of negativity; while, at the same time, is a good way to exercise the power of visualization. We must explore the boundless space of the mind, and discover the secrets of Life and Love. We must talk with our inner self and learn from the Godly energy we nest inside of us. This is a way to reconnect with who we "really" are, with who we were when we were born, before we learned and developed into who we are today. Lets connect with our Natural Self.
This daily exercise will help you harmonize your physical body with your spiritual Self, making it easier to see "the positive" in the current situation, thus creating a path to being stress-free.
Daydreaming is an excelent exercise for children too. Kids should be allowed to daydream at least one hour a day, everyday. This can help them stay connected to their spiritual selves during their growth and development. It is also an effective form of vocational orientation as it helps them bring out their own talents.
Rekindle the relationship between your physical and spiritual bodies, and maintain it fruitful and in harmony. We can always turn within and find what we need, taking our rightful seat in the sanctuary of our Selves.

Affirmations can also help return you to the strength and support within. Remind yourself: No matter what happens, I will always love and support myself. No matter who rejects me, I will always be here for myself. I am the source of my own safety and abundance. As you say these powerful words, you will see their truth, and you will know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you are the most reliable friend and the safest haven you could ever want.

Naturescapes, being among the trees and plants of a forest, at the beach gazing up at stars while sitting on the sand, pondering the vastness of a desert, move us to a place of reverence. We connect with nature on a spiritual level. There is sacredness in wild places and we can be transformed simply by being there.
Being outdoors awakens all our senses. We breathe deeply, taking in scents of salt air, pine needles, fragrant flowers, even the pungent odor of dirt. Our feet are cooled, sometimes numbed by an icy cold mountain stream, our bodies meld into warm sand at the beach, and a soft rain feels like a thousand wet kisses. Outdoors we can hear a symphony of natural sounds from bees buzzing to the roar of wind, or we can bask in the incredible peace of silence.

Hugging a tree is healthy. Beyond human beings, we are nature beings, created from the same source as animals, plants, even rocks. The earth calls for us to connect so that we can feel balanced and whole; a part of the universe. When we hug a tree, the strength of wood is a comfort in its solidness and we feel supported. It feels natural to wrap our arms around the trunk, as if the tree is hugging us back. The leaves sing to us on a breeze, reminding us that we are loved.
And, the more we become one with nature, the more it offers us. In the wilderness we transcend time and space; we are renewed. Hikes in the woods, body surfing in the ocean, even walks around the block become moving meditations, enhancing our intuition. Look for signs and messages in the great outdoors, the symbolism of leaves falling in your path, the pattern of birds in flight. Or, simply enjoy the bliss of connecting to the natural world and it's Earthly comfort.

Friday, April 29, 2005

:: The Language of Flowers

The art of floriography enjoyed great popularity during the Victorian era, when it was used to create nosegays and tiny bouquets called tussiemussies. Part of the appeal was that it gave flowers, and their plant friends, a voice. But more than that, the use of this language was romantic and fun.
If for example, a woman wanted to thank her date for a loverly evening, she might send a mix of Canterbury bells (for gratitude), pink dianthus (lively and pure affection), and lemon balm (for social intercourse and fun). A groom might give his bride-to-be a combination of red roses (desire, love and passion), lavender (devotion), sweet peas (lasting pleasure), and ivy (fidelity and wedded love) to carry on their wedding day. It was a wonderful way to convey private messages eloquently - and all without saying a word.
Since the uses of floriography are numerous, and its vocabulary limitless, it's eay to adapt for magical use. In fact, it can bring anyspell to full blossom. It's a matter of knowing what you want to say, choosing the right flowers to do the job, and deciding on the method to use. The latter is, perhaps, the most difficult of the jobs, for there are probably as many ways to use floriography in magic as there are practioners.
Listed below are some ideas to use as guidelines. Fertilize them with the power of your imagination and intention, abd your magical messages will soar into the universe, ripen with manifestation, and burst into full bloom before you know it.

Incense: Mix Vervain (enchantment) and Fern (magic) with lavender (success) to boost any magical effort.

Magical Gardens: Plant a mixture of Red Poppy (pleasure), Lily of the Valley (happiness), Coreopsis (constant cheerfulness), Bells of Ireland (good luck), and Red Flax (domesticity) for happiness in the home.

Wreath: Fashion a wreath of Red Roses, Pink Roses (romance), Rosemary (devotion), Daisies (loyal love), dill (lust) and cinnamon sticks (attraction), and Baby's Breath (purity of heart) to spice up your love life.

Friday, March 18, 2005

:: Inspiration & Enlightenment Spell

Materials required:
. a bunch of Marygolds
. small jug of water (rainwater preferably)
. vase

To achieve the best results perform the spell on a Waxing Moon, it is the ideal time to do magic to draw things to you. ;)
Connect with Nature. Hold the flowers and feel their earthly presence. Look at the beautiful color of the petals and smell the fragrant scent they give off. Pour the water into the vase and place the flowers in the water. As you energize the flowers with the water, visualize yourself also becoming energized and enlightened. Repeat the rhyme:

"Illuminated Masters, who have lived before,
guide me to your sunlit shore.
Give me wisdom, truth and light,
banish shadows from Earth's night
Beauty, music, poems of joy
all these arts and powers employ.
Fill my soul with ecstasy,
communicate your all to me.
Grant me gifts I beg of you
that all on earth may come to view.
Inventions, songs and ideas that are great
I ask of you these gifts with faith.
Knowing you shall always bless
my life with good and happiness."

Place the flowers in a prominent place in your house. If you feel the need of inspiration or enlightenment reconnect with the flowers by holding them, touching their soft petals and breathing in their scent.

Spell taken from Children of Artemis

Saturday, March 12, 2005

:: The Nutty Foodie

The human condition...

You will receive a body.
You may like it or hate it but it will be yours for the entire period this time around.

You will learn lessons.
You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called life. Each day in this school you will have the opportunity to learn lessons. You may like the lessons or think them irrelevant or stupid.

There are no mistakes, only lessons.
Growth is a process of trial and error... experimentation. The failed experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiment that ultimately works.

A lesson is repeated until learned.
A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it, you can then go on to the next lesson.

Learning lessons does not end.
There is no part of life that does not contain lessons. If you are alive, there are lessons to be learned.

There is no better than here.
When your there has become a here, you will simply attain another there that will, again, look better than here.

Others are merely mirrors of you.
You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself.

What you make of your life is up to you.
You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours.

The answers are inside you.
The answers to life's questions lie inside you. All you need to do is Look, Listen and Trust.

----- taken from my xangan friend jassmine

Friday, March 11, 2005

:: Union Through Sound

Nada Yoga

Nada Yoga, which means "union through sound," is an ancient spiritual art that embraces the notion that you can harmonize and guide the flow of energy in your body through sound and tone. Nada in Sanskrit it means 'sound' or 'flow.' This practice supports the belief that the universe is vibratory; from the atom to the Milky Way, everything vibrates at a certain rhythm. What our ears pick up is only the surface.

Although it's called yoga, no physical exercise is necessary. You can try practicing Nada Yoga by actively listening to soothing music, such as the North Indian sitar or Japanese Shakuhachi. Calming instrumental tunes are ideal because voices and words are specific and too distracting. At first, simply sit quietly and focus on the music for about ten minutes once or twice a day. The objective is to get so absorbed that you become the sound.

In essence, Nada yoga is about listening to the inner sounds. Gradually, you may be able to hear subtle sounds from within such as a ringing or a humming. This is the music inside your body: blood pumping; the electrical energy of nerves. With time, your listening skills will improve and you will become more sensitive to the emotions and energies swirling within yourself and in others. Remember, when we practice listening, we become intuitive.

Toning, which is a technique that relieves mental stress by returning the brainwaves to a state of alpha, is another integral part of Nada Yoga. It doesn't require melody, words or rhythm - just the sound of your vibrating breath. Vowel sounds are the easiest to start with. You can tone standing up in the shower or lying in bed. To start, allow your intuition to choose a vowel for you and then extend it until it becomes a continuous sound on each breath. Toning engages your entire being, not just your voice, so reverberate from deep within you. It doesn't have to be pretty; the point of toning is your experience and the results.

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Monday, March 07, 2005

:: Sweet Lil' Things About Life

> > > There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just
want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real!

> > > Don't go for looks; they can deceive. Don't go for wealth; even that fades away.
Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.
Find the one that makes your heart smile.

> > > Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to
be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you
want to do.

> > > May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you
strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, enough hope to make you happy.

> > > The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they
just make the most of everything that comes along their way.

> > > The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past, you
can't go on well in life until you let go of your past failures and

> > > When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling.
Live your life so at the end, you're the one who smiles while everyone around you cries.

Friday, February 25, 2005

:: Moving Beyond Definitions

Over-Identifying With Labels - we need a change

As humans, we possess the tendency to name and categorize things. This applies to everything from plants and animals to styles to ourselves and others. Everyone who walks the earth carries or has carried some label, such as white, old, artist, animal lover, parent, child, or liberal, that either they themselves or others used to define them. While labels can help us form useful first impressions, they can also act as a thick filter between the world and ourselves. Expectations are derived from labels. When we begin to define others in terms of their profession, looks, wealth, or political background, it becomes harder to accept them unconditionally. And when we define ourselves with strict labels, we limit ourselves and our potential by effectively pigeonholing our identities. The challenge lies in finding a balance between that which defines us and our evolving natures.

We first learn who we are when we are children. Identity is forged by society, which labels us so-and-so's children, a boy or a girl, a reader or a jock, or shy or outgoing. This is natural, considering that characterizing others upon first meeting is an automatic process. But when we regard these initial impressions as unchangeable, we deny the fact that we are all blessed with roles that can change from one day to the next or exist simultaneously with other roles. It is possible to be both a parent and an artist and a runner and a businesswoman. If you were to choose a single role, such as artist, it would limit the paths you could take. If you were, however, to say, "I am a creative person, though that creativity is sometimes blocked," it would open new avenues of exploration because you could express your creativity in many ways.

People are so much more than what they do or what they have done and all people are potentially capable of taking on a new identity or letting go of an old one because of emotional or environmental factors. You may choose to be "a strong-willed executive" in one moment in time and "a nurturing parent" in another. Yet you remain wholly you. Though labels can be a good stepping off point, they are no substitute for understanding who we really are. If everyone was encouraged to look beyond labels, open-mindedness and tolerance would be the inevitable result.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

:: 11 Ways To Improve Your Health

Hints For A Healthy Lifestyle

1. Our bodies are attuned to the wisdom of many millions of years of evolution and communicate with us through each moment of our lives. Listening to your body by acknowledging and acting on feelings of comfort and discomfort, illness and health, or happiness and despair can lead you to a better understanding of the body's needs.

2. To fuel the fire which is your being, it is vital to consume only that which will benefit the body. Processed and artificial foods should be replaced with fresh produce and whole grains. Exploring macrobiotics, vegetarianism, and other unique diets can become a culinary adventure.

3. There is no medication so formidable as rest. When you sleep uninterrupted for a period of eight hours, your body's natural healing and rejuvenating abilities are free to work unencumbered by physical and mental stresses.

4. Our breath is always with us. Breathing deeply and deliberately provides nourishment in the form of oxygen to the body but also acts to relax the brain and nervous system.

5. The human form has adapted for activity and something is lost when we deny ourselves movement in all forms. Exercise and stretching not only improve the body, increasing the effectiveness of the lungs and circulatory system while expelling toxins and boosting immunity, but also lifts the spirits by stimulating the body's flow of pleasurable endorphins.

6. Yoga unites the mind and the body, promoting health in both. Regular practice of the discipline's complex movements tone and stimulate the physical form while increasing concentration, decreasing stress, and inspiring well-being.

7. The human body possesses the ability to cleanse itself. When you fast, you trigger this ability, prompting beneficial enzymes to enter the bloodstream, where they eliminate accumulated wastes such as pollutants and metabolic wastes, to rebuild immunity and restore health.

8. Balance must prevail for health to exist. Meditation can help you achieve a healthful balance in body and soul. Concentration, meditative breathing, or visualizations focus the mind and allow negativity to drain away, leaving you with a sense of control and self-awareness. Find your bliss.

9. Home is the heart of health and a change in your environment can inspire positive changes within your body. Explore Feng Shui, color therapy, or new methods of organization. Clearing the clutter in your home's pathways may clear clutter in your body and soul.

10. Challenges can be exhilarating at first but, when prolonged, cause stress. Sustained stress can lead to weakened immune function, sickness, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Take time out to care for yourself and focus on relaxing solitary pursuits.

11. Look on the bright side of life. Laughter lowers levels of stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol and increases the levels of pleasurable endorphins within the body, leaving you with a happy afterglow and tension-free muscles. A positive outlook improves immunity and promotes faster healing after surgeries or illness.

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